Friday, 25 January 2013

Fuel price com continues

Petrol prices 'to rise by 4 pence a litre' | ITV News

Fuel prices at the pump are set to rise again and it is no real surprise. Seasonally market demand is lower in winter which is why the chancellor traditionally sets his fuel tax hikes for then. Tax rises but the price doesn't. Fuel companies don't lower prices much as wholesale prices fall then the chancellor takes the extra. We lose all the time but the government/big business duopoly, which is virtually interchangeable these days splits their spoils.

Have you noticed that oil companies always post record profits whilst complaining about meagre profits at the pumps?  It's a simple game.  Register two companies, one to provide fuel, the other to sell it.  The sales company makes a little money here upon which they pay some tax.  The provider company keeps it's assets and most of it's gargantuan profits offshore therefore avoiding tax.  A simple rise, totally legal, which enables some of the largest companies on earth to tip us off with government blessing.


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