Sunday, 27 January 2013

Tri-Party Deception

There is a tri-party economic deception that has been carried out in the UK since the 1980's and continues to this day.

Faced with an unaffordable NHS and education systems and benefit bills going off the chart because of a recession the Conservative government of the day, led by Margaret Thatcher, had choices to make.

Deregulation of the financial service sector and the implementation of technology on the trading floors, known as the 'big bang', were the outcome.

The potential downside of massive national and personal indebtedness with repercussions that we are only now starting to face were predicted at the time. This would have been the perfect time for a principled opposition to stand up for the folk of the nation against their ruling class. The opposition parties, Labour and Lib Dem, went along with these decisions because they foresaw the impending spending boom and rubbed their trotters with glee at the arguments to come over all that glorious government spending.

To this day they are fearful of any form of regulation of the financial sector because the party that faces reality first just threw away the next two general elections. Personal privilege and position is usually, sadly, their primary motivator so don't expect your party of choice to come riding to the rescue anytime soon.

Bankers were feted over recent decades and virtually became a class of their own. Inevitably politicians set the crosshairs on bankers as scapegoats as they themselves, the regulatory masters, could not possibly stand to bear the blame for the consequences of their actions.

The majority of the public seem to have fallen for the deception hook, line and sinker. Until the veil can be lifted from the public eye this deception will remain resolutely out of the political focus that a resolution to the problems that have befallen us demand.

Government now faces financial problems on an unprecedented scale and a repeat of those historical problems, amongst others, that brought about the deregulation in the first place.

Which politicians will remove the veil of deception and when?

This is the crucial question for anyone the electorate but how many of them know it?


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