Thursday, 10 January 2013

Why I doubt the European Union will collapse

It is quite widely reported at the moment that France has been in an economic malaise for a few years now and it's situation is deteriorating. Lack of competitiveness is the agreed reason and I for one don't believe that French employment protections (amongst other things) will be changing anytime soon. The Socialist government got in on a ticket of state and social expansion and the French unions are always willing for a strike or five.

It has long been the dream of many Nationalists that the Eurozone will collapse. The European Union is a political construct that I want no part of and whereas I can see a great many changes coming as they are forced upon unwilling populations by their governments I cannot see a collapse.

This brave new world where being from the west no longer gives automatic economic advantages, in fact it's been the other way around for many years, is a scary place for many countries.  Herd culture is I fear the way forward for many nations, especially the Socialist ones.  I can see a time when some countries may mutually agree to exit the zone.  To a block that has a currency which is used as one of the worlds reserve and trading currencies this will have minimum effect.

I firmly believe that the best way forward for the UK is as an independent nation but I do not buy into the motion that a great collapse will come.  The European Union is and will remain our biggest neighbour.


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