Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Don't Dismiss The BNP Too Lightly

The British National Party has been rounded on by the mainstream media since it's inception.  Third party political groups have been formed and funded, mainly by unions, with the pure intention of slandering the BNP wherever possible and thereby minimising their vote.  None of this is new and the public is more aware of these things.

Historically the value of the slanderous leaflets is debatable.  Placing your enemy in the spotlight is great if they are twisted or have nothing to say.  The British National Party is neither.  When I was their electoral candidate in 2008 we read online that Nuneaton was to be targeted by Hope not Hate for a leafleting blitz.  When I was told I said immediately that every candidate of ours should be praying that their ward was targeted.  Mine was and we won by thirteen votes.  Did Hope not Hate push us over the line?  Can't be sure but I know they helped.  Media bias has a similar affect of drawing at least curiosity and in some cases sympathy.  While the Communist inspired factions of the left continue to work with such unsophisticated tools the electorate will continue to smile at them, and read Nationalist leaflets a little more closely.

Yes there have been internal rifts.  I left myself for an accumulation of reasons, several of which will not be printed simply because airing personal anxt on the internet has no positives.

The BNP has a massive advantage that no-one can do anything about.  They are the protest vote of choice for people who really want to stick one to the establishment, and their number is growing annually.

UKIP is clearly the establishment's safety valve party of choice.  They would much prefer a few  innocuous ukippers get elected than see a single Nationalist gain a foothold in the corridors of real power.

There is a but of a hoo-haa at the moment because Nick Griffin appeared on television on a regional political program in his constituency.  This is truly pathetic and to even the most politically uneducated member of the public this anger at a democratically elected representative speaking to the people and answering questions on topics of the day will draw much sympathy.  This petty media tirade is nothing in comparison to the shit storm that will arrive come election time.  The law of unintended consequences is being ignored once again.  They never learn.

Do not underestimate the public capacity for a thoroughly deserved riot at the ballot box.


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