Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Good Luck To The British Democratic Party

The British Democratic Party is a new political venture the launch of which is gaining a fair bit of interest in Nationalist circles.  The usual suspects are putting the boot in pre launch which can only be viewed as a positive.  If they approve of you then you know you are irrelevant.

I have been asked for my opinion on this launch quite a few times now and as it draws closer I thought I would clarify for those interested.

There have been a few right wing political parties launched in the last couple of years and most have been side-lined or wracked by infighting.  If this one manages to draw a leadership that can get along then it has a much better chance to draw in the activists that have dissipated from the other right wing parties, principally the British National Party..  The indicators are good for a positive start.   from what I have seen there will be no shortage of policies backed by a strong Nationalist philosophy.

I wish all those involved with The British Democratic Party well and I shall keep up with developments with interest.


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