Sunday, 3 February 2013

Labour Party Official Threatens To Kill A Nationalist Candidate

I cannot say that this piece over on the British National Party website surprised me at all because that would be a downright lie and several people would know it to be so.

The BNP’s candidate Ken Griffiths was threatened by one of the Labour Party officials at the count that he would kill Ken if he stood again as a candidate in the area.  Those of us who have been around the Nationalist scene for a fair period of time will be able to tell stories of such occurrences of intimidation happening at counts amongst other places.  What is unusual in this case is that Labour’s official was stupid enough to threaten Kens life in front of other candidates, party officials, counting staff and the returning officer.  Utter madness must have overcame this particular halfwit.  The returning officer unsurprisingly recommended that Ken should involve the police.  I am looking forward to reading more on this case as it evolves.

The irony of this occurring as the Labour party candidate was using his time on the microphone to address the room on the danger of Fascism should escape no one.

I have met Ken many times over the years on party occasions and can assure any reader that may be concerned about his mental welfare that he will hold up just fine.


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