Sunday, 17 February 2013

Sharia Law–An Issue That Should Not Sleep

I would like to state at the start of this piece that my interest in Sharia is founded purely in my belief in individual rights and freedom.  I have no interest what-so-ever who, or what, you pray to and neither do I seek to influence you in any way on that issue.

Sharia Law is a legal system based upon Islamic teachings and traditions.  It is a law that can only be applied by Muslims, whereas a great deal of time in Islamic teachings is taken up by how to relate to non-Muslims.  This concerns me greatly and as the Muslim demographic in the UK increases annually and as Sharia aw is something that the Muslim community would like to see in place as a dual legal system I am concerned.

I believe that there is only space for one legal system within a nation.  The United Kingdom has a system of justice that has evolved over a great period of time and, whilst not being perfect, serves us well.  You, I, or any other legal resident for that matter can aspire to become a judge.  This is a freedom that Sharia denies you.  Across the world there are many examples of states where the Sharia legal system rules alongside the National legal system.  There are non that I can find whereby a Muslim majority state allows non-Sharia law courts to sit.  I will of course stand correction.  This process of gaining acceptance of Sharia in non-Islamic nations as the Muslim demographic rises peacefully gets the host nation accustomed to the practices of the Islamic way without fear.  Once a substantial majority of the population are adherents to Islam then Sharia is popped into the legal framework as the only acceptable legal system and the cultural takeover is well on the way to completion.  There were no Islamic nations before Mohamed.  There were only two at the beginning of the twentieth century and now there are many.  None have been taken by war.  All have been taken by peaceful demographic change.

There are a great many examples of minority indigenous populations enduring Sharia.  I shall not go into that in this piece.  For now, please take a look at the aims of IslamHere is an alternative view.

There is a tax known as Jizya imposed upon non-Muslims in Muslim states.  This is a payment that they have to make so as to be allowed to live under Islam without actually converting.  I do not expect you good people to take my word for this so please take a look at this next link carefully, at least read the first paragraph of the introduction which discusses what Jizya is, and importantly, whether the payment of Jizya is enough cause in itself to cease fighting against non-Muslims.  Please note: The post linked to is clearly up to date (February 2013) and written by a Muslim interested in Islamic Revival.

I read with inherent trepidation that Sharia Divorces may become legal in the UK.  If the case of the Jewish divorce case (which I disagree with equally) is allowed by The High Court then pressure can, and inevitably will, be brought by Islamic organizations to have Sharia recognised as it is in many nation states where the Muslim demographic is growing.  Interestingly should the Muslim demographic become large enough then Sharia takes over as the basis of law.

Nahia Mahmoud is a lady with an interesting story to tell.  A human rights activist originally from Sudan, her personal perspective on why has no place in Britain is well worth a read.  Her point that Sharia discriminates against women, children, homosexuals, non-Muslims, non-believers and atheists is well explained and saves me recovering the same ground.

For their part the UK LGBT activists want no part of Sharia Law.  I don’t blame them really.  Omar Kuddus who is a Muslim gay LGBT rights advocate speaks against the possibility of applying Sharia Law in the United Kingdom.

For the reasons above I believe that the issue of Sharia Law should not stray too far from the minds of non-Muslims in the UK when the possibility of Sharia courts is mentioned.


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