Wednesday, 13 February 2013

The Scapegoat For The Horse Meat Saga Will Be ...

There will need to be a scapegoat for the horse meat saga. It is becoming clear that a criminal conspiracy has been operating for years to supply supermarkets with cheaper meat.  The multi-billion pound supermarkets allowed themselves to be pulled in because it made better profit margins. They will always look the other way for a better profit.

The public are now incensed by all of this and someone must pay, but who?

Will it be a government minister for failing to enforce food hygiene standards? I doubt it very much. Integrity is not prized in Westminster these days.  Will it be the mafia for their part?  Least likely of the lot, tend to bite back hard! Who did I miss?  Oh yes, the little guy.  Not well connected, not mega rich and not going to shoot anyone.  He will do nicely.

I believe that the scapegoat for the whole thing will be an abattoir owner.


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