Sunday, 10 February 2013

Ushering In The Totalitarian UK State–Communism By The Back Door

I have been saying for a long time now that The United Kingdom is heading much further than a police state.  The people that own and control the nation want a polished form of Communism.  By polished I mean there is to be a veneer on the surface,  A liberal democracy where you can vote for any candidate but the main ones have been cajoled into all being under the influence of the power brokers.  You will have the freedom to go where you are allowed, when you are allowed.  Protest as much as you like just so long as it is not inconvenient.  You are free to do anything which is not illegal, but be careful  because there are a great many new laws coming out every year, and of course you have freedom of speech.  Yeah right!  Freedom of speech that is as long as you say something nice that the power brokers approve of.

The above is just a brief outline of what we have to put up with at the moment.  I could have added more as I am sure can you if you think for just a moment.

The Regime has revived the Secret Justice Bill.  Oh my god!  Let me make this easy.  This bill will ensure that any court action that might cause embarrassment to the power brokers or their minions will be held in secret.  If you are the defendant you may never even hear the evidence against you.


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