Sunday, 3 February 2013

Where Do The Liberal Democrats Stand At The Moment?

I have nothing really to say on the political position of the Liberal Democrats.  This is entirely down to the fact that I haven't got a clue where they stand and as they are currently snuggled up with the Conservative Party as the silent partner in our coalition government I think I probably should.

I know that many Liberal Democrats left in disgust what seems like a long time ago now.  Their public mouthpiece is inept, ineffective and generally incapable of effective communication.  This being the case I thought I would ask you lot.

If any reader could shine a light into the philosophy behind Liberal Democrat decision making at the moment I would be truly grateful.  For clarification I am interested in philosophy not policies.  A link to the policy page of their website will not help me to get a grasp of the thinking behind it.


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