Saturday, 13 April 2013

Will Cyprus Give The Troika A Bloody Nose?

The working people of Cyprus are amongst the very few who I feel deserve sympathy at the moment.

Their small island nation was simultaneously in debt while running a budget deficit.  International politicians, using Eurozone membership as an excuse, have dictated simultaneous austerity measures which will have a contracting effect upon the economy with a bailout which itself is larger than the national GDP!

By any rational measure their economy is buggered.  Their options are to live in penury for generations under the existing euro system, support a Federal European Union, or leave the Eurozone.

They will not choose the first option, human nature does not work that way. I hope that they choose the latter and retain national independence even though it will mean devaluation and short term economic pain. The troika are clearly seeking support for their Federal European Superstate.

I hope little Cyprus gives the bully a bloody nose!

Impingement Of Freedom

I cannot pretend to be surprised by the garage of news content relating to the death of Baroness Thatcher.

As a prime minister she was a love or hate figure and there was always going to be a hoo-hah when she died.

My concern is nothing to do with funeral arrangements or protests.  I recognise a diversion when I see one and I am certain that the opportunity will not have gone unnoticed by the puppets in the offices of power.

What freedoms have been restricted or withdrawn while attention has been so successfully diverted by events?  What impositions have been placed upon our freedom while this socialist melee is being pandered to?

Time will tell.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Why Shouldn't Russia Bail Out Cyprus?

Watch "'EU loses cash control over Cyprus if Russia gives money'" on YouTube

Interesting interview on the possibility of a Russian bailout for Cyprus and the reason why the EU are against anyone else offering aid to this Mediterranean island nation.

EU Used Distraction Tactics To Promote Internet Controls

Watch "EU Use Of Pornography To Control Internet" on YouTube

Would you like to see an EU controlled internet? If they get their way it could be on the cards.

World Food Prices To Rise Thanks To The EU

Watch "EU Green Petrol Will Push Up World Food Prices" on YouTube

Showing absolutely no regard for the worlds hungry the EU has boosted it's Green agenda.

Monday, 4 March 2013

Spain Gets A Taste Of Globalisation

Watch "'RIP Iberia': Anti-UK nationalism in Spain over merger layoffs" on YouTube

The Spanish are on the receiving end of enrichment by globalism and they don't like it one little bit.

Iberian Airlines is the state airline which merged with British Air  Globalisation seems like a panacea to many when economies are good and everything looks rosy.  In times like these I hope they can see the folly of their ways though somehow I doubt it.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

This Is Not Justice

Friends of an Irish model have been spared punishment after pleading guilty to the charges of arranging the drug deal that killed her.

I am no legal expert but manslaughter seems appropriate.  They probably did not intend for her to die but she did because of their actions.  I recognise that there are all sorts of emotional issues raised here but I do not accept that any of these should have a bearing on the outcome.

In my opinion the judge got this one wrong.

Communism Raises It’s Ugly Head In UK

Communist dictatorships recognise only themselves as having anything worthy of saying.  Not other governments, not political philosophers other than their own, not religions and god forbid not an individual other than a Communist dictator, leader or spokesperson.  All other opinion is dissent and must be punished by whatever means available.

In the UK at the moment the Communists do not hold free sway though they do in reality have some power through their connections, the trade union movement and the Labour Party are the ones that stick out the most.

The Labour party has been utilised by their Communist masters in an attempt to gag the press whilst we have a coalition government so that when the Communist Party voting vehicle known as Labour gets back in, which it will sooner or later, the press gag is already in place and can be twisted beyond mercy.

On a street level the Communist Party has several left-wing demonstration groups and minor parties within which the leaders of the future can debate and otherwise prove their credentials.  The suppression of free speech of those with whom the masters disagree is prime proving ground material.

The Communist Party in the UK will never take power in its own name and accepts this.  It seeks to control via extension and is seeking to affect changes now so that its submissive organs can do its bidding later.

Beware UK for Communism never sleeps!

The Future Of Warfare

The USAF is developing small drones that can fly and hover as well as crawl, displaying capability of swarm behaviour and the ability to investigate, monitor and kill (well obviously) targets.

The above should not come as a surprise to anyone who has not removed themselves from society for forty years at least and should be taken for granted by everyone else.  If the technology is sufficiently advanced that they feel secure enough to release these images through whatever means then you can be certain that the real development has gone far further.  I would imagine that swarms have been built, lab tested, gained approval from a general with no name and tested in the field.  Further than this I would suggest that they are in use in foreign theatres of war and, should I be this bold, I think I shall, by various agencies of the US government on home soil.

Terrified?  Surprised?  You shouldn’t be.  The US government has used the domestic population as an experimental petri dish for decades.  There are plenty of truly gross pages online regarding them should you wish to look.  Government agencies there, as here, show scant regard for the rights of citizens.

North Korea Opens Negotiations

Always negotiate from a position of strength is a maxim well understood by North Korea.  For a long time now the people of North Korea have been made to suffer because of UN sanctions.  Though I have no sympathy what-so-ever with the dictatorship in North Korea I do feel sorry for the people.  The UN sanctions have made their lives a misery for decades while at the same time affecting the dictator and his schemes not a jot.

North Korea is a dictatorship with no friends, an acquaintance in China and a long list of wrongs that it feels has been inflicted upon it by the western world, principally America and its world police vehicle the UN.  Did I forget to mention a viable nuclear weapon and the means of delivery?

The last part is the interesting bit.  For the first time this tin pot dictator has joined the world nuclear club with the advantage of being able to deliver the device to his greatest and most powerful enemies.

I think you will find that North Korea will now seek to have some of the sanctions lifted.  A renegotiation of the terms of its existence with the US via the UN and hopefully a lessoning of the sanctions that have been harming a people who have to live in a madman’s version of hell anyway.

There will not be an armed war.  Who would risk it?  That was the point of enduring all those years in the wilderness.

Welcome to the nuclear delivery club North Korea, let’s talk!


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